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  1. Mark

    Great Coupon code i Saved It .

  2. Treasa

    I purchased in 2021 it is 2023 and have had nothing but problems with the mop. The vacuum has performed very well and no complaints that’s why the 3 stars. The mop has been another story all together. It deserves ZERO stars. It CANNOT be repaired or serviced. Within the first year I was getting “hardware detection problems” and will not operate. They have you do this do that reload app etc… nothing fix’s the problem. Asked for a return service request that’s when I was told it is an unrepairable unit. Well to say I was not a happy customer was an understatement. To make me happy after talking to every country and customer service rep over and over again they said they would send me out a whole new mop…. I received a handheld vacuum instead. Once again, many calls and they did send a new mop.
    The mop’s leave massive streaks on my laminate floor and truly does not clean well ( 2 senior’s no pets) so not a tough job to clean. I personally will never buy any Roomba product ever again. Thank you

  3. Michael Nix

    Buy this if you need a little help. This has been a time saver for my busy house with pets. I use it once a day in my downstairs extremely high traffic area for the kids and dogs. Give yourself about a week to really learn how to best use because there is a learning curve for it and the buyer. Do not buy this if you think it’s going to expertly clean your house for you! It is a helper, it will not get every nook and cranny, or large items/clumps. Battery life is not as good as I expected, but I have a large home. The battery has to recharge between each use/room, and occasionally while in clean everywhere mode.

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